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Thread: New to Tok, Need advice

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    Default New to Tok, Need advice

    Hey guys,
    I'm moving up to Tok from Wisconsin in two weeks. I'm working up there for the summer and will have some free time to explore and hopefully fish. I'm not looking for anything specific but i would like advice on what there is to do up there in fishing related and in general. What species should i fish for? is there anything that is a "must do" when i'm there? I'm big into hunting and fishing and want to enjoy my extended summer in god's country to the fullest. Any advice will help! Thanks for reading


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    Welcome to eastern AK! Come on down to the Gulkana River which is located at the end/start of the Tok Cut off. I live right there and will set you up on a nice King, Red or fly fishing trip to the upper section-

    Give me a call at 907-259-4290

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    a small boat will help a lot small motor { 14 FT an 15 HP } there is pike to be had from the road system [ don't need boat but it will help a lot ]
    some of the lakes are stocked by F & G [rainbow an grayling ] go to it , check around for help on where the lakes are the larger lakes will have lake Tr. in them [ need boat ] no big secret just ask there F & G did have a office there , stay tuned to the regs, they are funny one stream you do this an the other you cant in the Gulkana R has a King salmon an reds also there is large rainbow , [ got to know the holes ]

    lots of fishing just have to travel as much as 100 miles to get to it SID my 2 CTS

    PS F&G don't stock rainbow in ponds / lakes with pike there


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