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Thread: Tikka T3 Deluxe in 300wsm

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    Question Tikka T3 Deluxe in 300wsm

    I'm interested in buying a new rifle. I have chosen the new Tikka T3 Deluxe either in 300wsm or 300wm.
    Can anyone tell me more about this rifle and it's accuracy.
    I intend to use it for both hunting and target shooting so is there a way to mount bipod?
    Which of the 300wsm or the 300wm will give best result when shot through the T3?
    Last does anyone have a photo of a Tikka T3 in magnum caliber? That will be great!


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    Default T-3 info


    Lots of information in the past on T-3s. Try a search, but most of the feed back has been good including mine. To answer your questions:

    Harris bipod will atttach to front stud like other rifles.

    Magnum version looks the same as regular version.

    All T-3 are long action so which caliber to shoot is your choice. Lots of both out there. I chose 300WM because I couldn't see any reason not to and allegedly it is slightly better with heavy for caliber bullets. That being said it probably makes no real difference.

    Good luck,

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    Default .300wsm

    I own that rifle in the .300wsm. It is a very light rifle (my sheep gun) and is VERY accurate. My 12 year old daughter shoots it also, so it doesn't kick that bad. Not sure about the action, but there isn't a whole lot of difference in the 300 vs the wsm. I don't see any reason to shoot anything but the 180 barnes tsx out of it for larger game and the 168 for sheep, etc.

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    Thanks guys for the help.
    I have already ordered one. Do you know if there is a scope mount that can mount and removed in seconds without changing the zero. I know that there is one for the sako rifle in teh optilock range but it does not fit the Tikka rifle.
    that type of mount will be very anvantageous as i will be able to shoot long distance with the scope and remove it and use the open sight to shoot close.

    Thanks for your help guys.



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