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    My father (Jack in Alaska on here) has a Colt 357 Trooper that he is considering selling. He is trying to figure out how much its worth and I was wondering if anyone on here has any input on it. The SN 63XXX put it in the 1967-68 range (different answers from different websites). Its in very nice condition and has had an estimated 100 rounds run thru it since it was new. I looked on gunbrokers and a few other sites and there are very few original Troopers listed. Lots of the later models though. So what can you all tell me. From the few I found $650 seems to be a reasonable price but maybe i am missing something.

    The photo below is the best I have right now, should get some better photos tomorrow.



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    Seems high, but I'm not up on current prices. When new "back in the day" the troopers sold for somewhere between 1/2 and 2/3 the price of Pythons, but that may have little relevance today.

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    Fwiw, I got a 6" trooper 357 like new with box/paper work a year ago at a gun show for $500.

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