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Thread: strange happenings at bait any ideas?

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    Default strange happenings at bait any ideas?

    I set my bait at a new location this year and put 3 beavers out one of the beavers we strapped to a tree. So we went back this week and the strangest thing i have never seen was the beavers were all eaten but they were picked clean with no real teeth marks on them and the ribs were still intake the guts were all neatly piled on the right side untouched on all three beavers the rest of the bait wasnt touched no stringy evidence of birds eating it. the one on the tree was pulled off and one was moved about 15 yards but other thsn thst no idea any one experienced this i would have expected them to eat the guts. oh these beavers were frozen and fresh when put out. seems like the first couple of weeks is always the strasngest anyway but let me know your ideas

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    Maybe a biped was hungry for some beaver meat. Sasquatch perhaps
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    voles, shrews, marten, ermine...................small animals that don't take big bites.
    Sure they ain't some serious bird doo doo around there. Gray jays could be appreciating your bait.
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    Default strange

    just a little bit off bird poop but that wouldnt take it off the tree and it wouldnt move the guts neatly to one sied and these wee 40lb beavers so i dont think small shrews and such could eat it in a week

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    Thats really weird....what gets me is the guts were piled would think what ever ate the meat would have eaten the guts too......
    Good luck on finding out and if u ever do find out what it was let me know.

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    I have seen many times where a lynx had caught a rabbit and done exactly what you discribed.My guess is that you might have a few cats near by.I know that they LOVE beaver meat!

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    If I had to take a shot in the dark I would agree with Steve I had a house cat that used to catch rabbits and leave them on the porch as a "gift" in two neat piles one was the carcass the other was the guts. Although if she was hungery she would help herself to some of the carcass and never touch the gut pile.
    Just my .02
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