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Thread: GoLite Shangri-la SL8 info please

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    Default GoLite Shangri-la SL8 info please

    I know these are discontinued now but I have some interest in keeping an eye out for one should one ever come up for sale. Unfortunately I cannot find any specs about the fly and nest like actual pitched dimensions and weights. I know some people here have them so any assistance would greatly be appreciated.

    Also, should I never find one for sale, any comparable suggestions? I like the rectangle design of the SL8 as opposed to some of the larger tipi designs that are available now. Thanks.

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    Well, I reached out to GoLite and they gave me the info I was looking for. Figured I would post it here in case someone in the future finds this thread looking for the same info.

    The Shangri-La 8 was a whopper of an A-Frame style shelter standing approximately 6'5" tall with an interior dimension of 19 feet by 9 feet 6 inches (181 square feet with approximately 45 square feet of that being vestibule space). The fly weighed 4lbs 5oz (1960 grams) and the nest (interior dimensions 18'10" X 9'4") weighed 7lbs 6oz (3350 grams). The poles weighed about 15 oz a piece, but as these tents were widely used by river folk (rafters, kayakers, canoers), oars or paddles were often substituted for the collapsible poles. It could be pitched with a minimum of 4 stakes, but ideally would take at least 6 and can take up to can take up to 12.


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