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Thread: Storing Toys in a Toy Hauler

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    Default Storing Toys in a Toy Hauler

    Has anyone on here ever stored their 'toys' in their toy hauler for the winter?
    I have stored my patio stuff, coolers, riding mower, and push mower in mine for years with no issue.
    But I just bought a 1200lb side by side that I plan to store in there in the winters.
    A part of me says no big deal, but another part of me says that is alot of weight. I do have crank down stabilizer jacks, but they are not supposed to be weight bearing...
    Any thoughts/reccomendations.

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    I have always stored my toy hauler "full". Which, depending on the toys at the moment, can and have included a Polaris Ranger, a KTM dirt bike, a bunch of camping and lawn gear, and all the spare fuel. I do put in some stabilizer jack stands on the corners, and take a little weight off the tires, but just a little. And, of course, I drain the tanks. But the toy hauler holds it all, kind of "summer in a box, open when the snow melts."


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