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Thread: Ace Line pot puller accessary

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    Default Ace Line pot puller accessary

    Has anyone tried one of the on the Brutus Pot pullers with the hands free accessory yet? I can't wait until I can try it to see how it works.


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    Haven't tried it, but I wonder how well it works when you're pulling lots of weight. Seems like on the Ace, that you have to pull pretty hard sometimes to keep the line from slipping or to help along the motor. Funny how the ad says that it easily coils your rope on your deck. As if it does that for you with no input.

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    I'll be dumping my Ace as soon as I can save up the sheckels to get one of Steve's Electrodynes. This past weekend is the last one I have to give the Ace a manual assist on pulling pots in 30 knot winds.

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    My Ace, plus an extra motor for it, will be for sale soon. I just installed a My-T-Hauler and want to make sure it works first. the Ace served me well, but I've used other beefier pullers on other boats and there's no comparison.


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