We went to the Raider factory I was so overwhelmed that I completely forgot about photos. We, my wife and I, were treated excellent and as soon as I have cleaned up all my obligations with the death of a family member, medical stuff with another we'll be ordering a boat. BTW never take your wife with if she enjoys fishing and water!!!! (we own 10 kayaks and one small raft all bought by my wife. She used to be in the industry both in sales and guiding so...). Anyway back to the deal of taking your wife with. It's going to cost more now because she saw what I was talking about and decided we needed the 2284 Cuddy with all kinds of bells and whistles for fishing not comfort so that is OK by me. Anyway I want to thank everyone that was on here giving their 2 cents and help. I used to own a forum and know what a pain in the neck it can be with bad behavior etc., but you guys treated me just excellent. I'll take photos of the finished product when we take delivery on it. When that will be exactly I can't say as there is one more piece to the puzzle to finish then I'm basically done with all the legal and financial stuff that surrounds a death. Thank you, Scott