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Thread: Spring 2013... Lake ice report... Thread

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    Default Spring 2013... Lake ice report... Thread

    04-30-13 BELUGA LAKE, down-town Homer... 10 -15% open water the rest is thin ice pack. Hundreds of ducks and geese sitting on the ocean side of the cause-way waiting for the thaw.

    Make our reports........

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    We are about two weeks behind in the Mat Valley and Susitna drainage. Ice is usually out about the first week in May in the Mat valley and shortly after for the Susitna. People are still on the lakes with their trucks. If the cold northerly flow would desist and we get several days in the 60's we would not be far from the norm.

    As much as I would like to see things happen faster a slow breakup is a good thing for those people living along the creeks and rivers. It lessens the chance of flooding as the ground can soak up much of the water before it runs in to the drainages.

    Things can change in a hurry...


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