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Thread: Alternate tent seam sealer?

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    Default Alternate tent seam sealer?

    I like McNett Seam Grip as a sealer for seams in a tent. But are there cheaper alternatives?

    I'm wondering about silicone-based caulk, or flexible adhesives, or some other such stuff right off the hardware store shelves that might work just as well for a fraction of the cost.

    Anybody have experience along these lines?

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    The internet says there are two options: permatex flowable windshield silicon sealer and thinning normal silicon caulk with mineral spirits until it is more like a liquid.

    There are YouTube videos showing DIY how to.

    Ther permatex material gets mentioned a lot on various posts due to its wicking.

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    Excellent - thanks, AK Ray
    (I did some searches, but didn't hit on these. They're exactly what I'd hoped to find I try it out and report the results)


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