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Thread: Sadie cove trip

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    Default Sadie cove trip

    First a big thanks to HomerDave!!! Michele and I appreciate your great service! Pretty impressive boat handling skills there Dave!!!

    If you need water taxi service in Homer, I recommend highly!

    It was a good thing we called him. The goal was to get Michele accustomed to the kayaks. This was her second time. Winds were blowing 20knts plus and felt like a huge washing machine on the way back. But Dave ticks us back into Sadie Cove and its nice and calm.

    So it was perfect. Everything from calm water to wind chopped three foot rollers.

    Two short videos. One of Michele battling the wind in a 9ft mini-x. For her first time out she did great!! She will be getting a new Hobie Outback this week.

    The second video is a quick link up between the two kayaks. It worked well enough I might fabricate a PVC connection.

    She had one take down double her rod over but it didn't stick. Other than that it was pollock and flounder. Clamming wasn't much better but we don't know what we are doing.

    But the wildlife was amazing! 15 moose between Soldotna and Homer. Sea otter with pups, eagles, seals, and a mountains goat. Yup...eye to eye with a mountain goat sitting in a kayak.

    I forget how beautiful it is over there. We could have left the kayaks at home and killed the entire day!!

    Thanks HomerDave!! We will be back!!!!

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    I was impressed how well me just peddling the outback moved both of us along. Might hook up for additional stability when I take the kids out.

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