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Thread: Where to shoot?

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    Default Where to shoot?

    Ill be getting a new Ruger GP100 357 mag in the next couple of days, and i was wondering where i could go shoot a few rounds. Back home a hours drive to the mountains and a turn off a dirt road was all that was needed to be safe to set up a few targets. Just wondering if there was a place in the mountians that people go around the anchorage area. Thanks

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    Default a couple of options

    A lot of people shoot around Jim Creek but I wouldn't recommend it. There is just too much ATV traffic around there these days. In the Sutton area there are a few large gravel pits that we still shoot in but if you are coming from Anchorage, I'd save the gas money and pay the $10 to shoot at Birchwood range or Rabbit creek. Birchwood has nice, covered benches and various distances up to 300 meters. I'm not sure about Rabbit Creek's setup these days. I think a season pass to Birchwood is around $175 and that gets you a swipe card to get into the range whenever you want 24/7. Some of the ranges are lit as well.

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