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Thread: The lie of lies, or not

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    Default The lie of lies, or not

    I will say this without typing for a whole page, I have had some real interesting conversations with several very skilled tomato growers and the following discussiuons usually take place. The reasons for supermarket tomatoes tasting like they do which may be this, but we also try and address other issues.
    And the discussion then usually follows this cycle
    1)Hybrid versus heirloom
    2)Who is putting out the info and why do they do it.
    3)Are we on the right track as far as seed selection
    4) what is the truth

    I had a great conversation with a lady yesterday that has forgot more about tomatoes than I ever knew, and... presented some very interesting info to me as well as useful goodies to save our favs.
    What do you guys think about some of the questions? Do you have some info to share, or some insight? Experience is great, always, share results if you can from side by side evaluation, any gardening plant not just maters.

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    Mark, I think that one of the things that is not talked enough about is Micro Climate .Several people can do things the exact same way using the same seed and the same soil and get different results . The Micro Climate effect can be even on one persons property. One area could be a lot warmer than a area 75 to 100ft away. To answer in general your questions I think that there is always people in a group that just want to do it their own way.

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    So many different conditions between garden grown tomatoes VS commercial.

    Not much fertilizer added to most gardens.
    Slower plant growth.
    Tomatoes picked when ripe.
    Various nutrients in natures soil that's not in GH soils (some GHs don't even use soil)
    Insects in gardens can stress plant, causing the plant to react in various ways (produce different chemicals to fight back.. etc)
    Stress in gardens during droughts, rain storms, wind & other climate issues.
    Sun intensity , sun angle, day & night temperature variation etc.. (like mentioned various "micro climates")

    Hybrid developed to be a perfect shape so they "market " well.
    Pretty tomatoes, but fast grown & a watered down tomato flavor from fast growth.

    Commercial toms are feed constantly for fast production, rarely pollenated, (many GHs use a blossom spray hormone, to trick the plant to start forming tomatoes quickly)

    Many different conditions a garden tomato has to survive to produce,
    where the GH & commercial growers use chemicals (plant hormones, herbicides, insecticides, fertilizers) to force production.

    Home grown tomatoes, some get lots of TLC, some get stuck in the ground & left to make it or not.
    same species but each have different flavors.

    Give 1 tomato plant the perfect growing conditions , it will produce lots of fruit but will taste different than a same species one, stuck in Mudbuddy's GH in Alaska, struggling to survive, (especially this year )

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    I question the article. My main reason for questioning it is that in my experience it is not only tomatoes that don't taste good from the store. I also think that peaches, plums, strawberries, and several other types of fruit and veggies don't taste as good from the store as they do from the garden. I have noticed that the fruits and veggies with the poorest taste quality from the store happen to be the softest and most delicate of the fruits and veggies. I think that USDA or other ag experimenters have modified these fragile fruits and veggies to make them more durable and therefore easier to pack and ship and with a longer shelf life.

    I for one would much rather have super soft, juicy sweet peaches for only 1 week per year rather than have hard, woody, tasteless peaches available for 1 month. Tomatoes I feel the same way.


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