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Thread: Trim tab woes

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    Default Trim tab woes

    I just ordered another electric actuator from Lenco Marine for my trim tabs. I replaced the port side one two years ago. It was under the 5 year warranty. The starboard one is now past the 5 year mark and is costing me $184.00 plus shipping. If I had a Bennett hydraulic set up it would have been $64.00 for an actuator. So when I get rich and get a bigger boat then this 26' Hewescraft Ak. Sea Runner I will go with hydraulic trim tabs. Anyone else think hydraulic is better?

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    Default Hydraulic over electric

    I installed hyd.tabs on my Almar in 1986 and have not had a problem since. Seems to me that in just about any application that I can think of, hydraulic systems are usually stronger and longer lasting than the electric competition.

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    Default Elec Trim Tabs

    I was thinking of getting some for my boat. Who else has had problems with the elec.? Shoudl I stay away from them? Looks like they will run around $400 or so.
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    I have bennet tabs on my boat. They are old and out of warrenty, one piston started to leak. I called bennet tech support and they sent me two complete rebuild kits free!!! of charge and I had them in less than a week. I am very impressed with them and will give them nothing but a good word. Hydrolic is a simple system, and easy to maintain.

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    Default Trim Tabs

    Never had electric ones, the Bennets hadraulic ones I have, always work great. In my experience electrical componets and salt water don't mix.

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    Default Trim Tabs

    My Hewescraft came with the electric trim tabs. If I had a boat with out them and had room for the hydraulic pump I would go with the Bennett trim tabs. I have only heard good things about Bennett. My experience with the electric ones is not that good.

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    Default Had Lenco electrics on my HewesCraft

    for 10 years w/o a problem.


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