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    Default 4 legged seat pedestal

    Can someone point me in the right direction for one of these in the anch/matsu area. I would like the 4 legged portable. Willie makes one but it is 165$ and I don't wanna pay for shipping. I would call around but phone service is limited where I'm located. Thanks

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    I checked on reddens website but didn't see any 4 legged pedestals

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    Check with Dewey's. They're listed as part of the package with some of the Hewescrafts. They call them "swivel seat quad bases."

    I opted not to use them on mine. Instead I got a couple of their boxes, put a plywood bottom in them and a swivel seat on top. Uses no more space but still portable, and handy as heck for life jackets and passengers' personal gear.

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    Thanks brown bear. What did they want for a box?

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    Quote Originally Posted by hunt/trapak88 View Post
    Thanks brown bear. What did they want for a box?
    It was over a year ago, and I don't remember, but IIRC the whole unit including seat and swivel mount was in the realm of the price of the pedestal and seat. The boxes are aluminum with hinged latching lids, but intended to be bolted down in a boat. Like I said, I put plywood in the bottoms instead to close them up. I've been amazed how little they move around underway- even with nothing in the box and no one sitting on the seat.

    One thing to do if you go this route- Put a 3/4" or so spacer (plywood is fine) between the swivel and either the box lid or the seat. I didn't do that, and the weight of a person pushes the edge of the seat down far enough to catch on the corners of the box.


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