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Thread: Anyone hit the Eklutna Tailrace yet?

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    Default Anyone hit the Eklutna Tailrace yet?

    Just curious if a king or two is being caught there yet. Thinking about giving it a go on Sunday.

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    Default eklutna

    No fish there yet. The water is still flowing pretty slow out of the dam. Another week I am guessing.

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    I also have yet to see any sign of fish at the tail race. I stop by 3-4 times a week on my way home and nothin yet. The water is amazingly clear right now might want to stop by just to get an idea of where the holes are, I know I'll be fishing in a diferent spot this year.

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    I took my boat up towards the tailrace the other night. The water is really low and I didn't see a darned thing. But that doesn't mean there aren't any early runners.

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    What's the recommended method for fishing the Tailrace?

    Everytime I've stopped by, the place is packed with folks lined up along both stream banks. Most people are kicked back in lawn chairs and seem to be plunking with roe and/or shrimp.

    Usually, there appear to be good numbers of fish around -- especially when the silvers are in. However, I've rarely seen an angler catch anything.

    I'm under the impression that most salmon get "lockjaw" in that stretch of water. Yet, the crowds of people are a sure sign that it must be productive -- at least at times.

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    Took the Harley out for a ride tonight and stopped by the tailrace. One gentleman fishing with his kid. No Salmon, and no rolls, or fins. My crystal ball is in the shop so I am not sure how much longer it will be.


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