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    I have heard from a credible source that whitefish is the ticket for using bait when ice fishing for lakers. I know herring and hooligan work also, but someone who I believe knows what he is talking about told me that whitefish works way better, especially in certain lakes where whitefish is their #1 prey. My question to those who fish for lakers a lot, and who might happen to use this bait, is how do you obtain it? I have caught whitefish a few times while fishing for grayling, but I would say my success was incidental at best. What is an effective method for obtaining large numbers of whitefish legally to use for bait?

    Thanks and rep points are being offered to anyone with some useful information.

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    Go to a lake that has good populations of whitefish and use wire worms under a float during open water or when ice fishing.
    When ice fishing you can sight fish them. Look for water 8'-12' deep.
    And yes whitefish work ok.

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    Thanks Drifter. Rep point coming your way.

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    Whitefish I say produces the best results. Also had good results on suckers and even herring. I think the biggest problem with fishing Lakers in finding where they are at not what bait you are using.


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