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Thread: Pakula Trolling Lure Opportunity gets Sweeter at Pelagic Outfitters

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    Default Pakula Trolling Lure Opportunity gets Sweeter at Pelagic Outfitters

    Pakula Trolling Lure Opprtunity Gets Sweeter at Pelagic Outfitters
    As you may, or may not have read, Pelagic Outfitters purchased all of the current Pakula USA distributors' remaining inventory as the US distributorship will be changing over to a different company soon.

    We jumped on this opportunity so we could bring you the lowest pricing ever available on these great Pakula Trolling Lures, Hooks, Shackles and Gloves. .
    We have been asked to put together a quantity discount program for these trolling lures and we have done so:
    7.5" - 8" Pakula Lure 5-Pack
    9.5" - 10" Pakula Lure 5-Pack
    11" - 12.5" Pakula Lure 5-Pack
    13" - 15" Pakula Lure 5-Pack

    Please also check out:


    Lure Bags

    Digger Spreader Bar

    Dojo Peche Hooks

    Shackles / Rigs


    Quantities are limited as we cannot reorder at these heavily reduced prices.

    Please feel free to call Chris @ 631-225-8862 or e-mail to with any questions.

    Thanks for all the support we have received.

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    These guys are the best! Just because they aren't from Alaska doesn't mean they do not know our local waters. I have seen one of the owners catch more 100+ pound halibut than anyone else I have fished with. And don't forget about big lingcod either! Don't hesitate to ask them questions, they really know their stuff. And their custom made topshots are the slickest setup for jigging.


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