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Thread: Some (Not All) information HOPE ROAD.......Bear Hunters & Baiters

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    Default Some (Not All) information HOPE ROAD.......Bear Hunters & Baiters

    You will for sure NEED good snowshoes & sun glasses. I would bring a small "OTTER" type sled & Predator call if you own one. Logging equipment and men working logging mile 9.2 Hope Road. Snow is 28" to 33" deep at road elevation for the first 10 miles.

    It is a tough climb up to bears. Be careful of snow slides. Most bears are NOT moving. Look for cubs they are very ....Very small (about size of football)

    Brown Bears out number Black Bears along Hope Road. Good Hunting & stay SAFE, Snow can and will KILL you.

    Six Mile "Creek" is a Class 3 to Class 6 white water Hell........Do NOT shoot bears on otherside of creek unless you have skill and tools to cross.

    VERY private driveways & homes Mile 7.2 till Mile 8.8 Hope Road.

    It is "Illegal" to operate an ATV or a Car or a TRUCK or SNOWMACHINE off of the Paved Hope Road. Forest Service Cops and State Troopers are giving tickets.

    Remember your Harvest Tickets.

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    Thanks I was planning a drive down next week.


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