So yesterday I tooled to a place I know and found two standing dead trees right next to the trail. With the warm temps (+20*F), I had to work quickly. Translation: wore myself out.

Once I had cut it down and after trimming I had to pull my sled, manually I will add, back off the trail next to the wood, roll it on, then back up my snogo to attach the hitch and pull it out, roll the wood off...repeat until it was all out, then load up for the run back to Bethel. And there was that other tree just as large standing less than 10 feet from this one. It killed me to leave it, but for my foolishness that is my payment: I should have left 0600 so the temps would have been cooler (+10*F), and I'd have been able to get that one too.

This is my new sled design I tried. My last one is the second photo. The length is the same but each runner is composed of an inside/outside 12-foot long 2x6 with 1-foot long spacers to make the width 4.5 inches. I used 7 inch wide UHMW plastics to increase the load bearing surface on the snow. Last year I almost didn't make it back to Bethel as a load of the same size was sinking through the snow causing me to drag the sled through the snow, instead of sliding on top. This new design is the shiznitz. My tracks in soft snow show only about one inch of sink, with it being a pleasure to tow. I am confident I could load a ridiculous amount of wood and make it back.

The main trunk in the photo is 10 feet long and 20" at the base. The tree bifurcated about 6 feet up causing some thinking to be required when setting up the load. I may be able to make one more trip to get that tree I left, plus a couple others, but it will be iffy.

In this photo from 2011 you can see the 2 1/2 inch plastics cut pretty deep making my snogo (and me as pilot) work pretty hard to navigate.

I used my 137 as the 394 is still apart and the 3120 is draining fluids. I sure could have used the big saws on this baby.

Yeah, I know I should have taken more photo, but I didn't, the fault lies with me. I have a Casio point and shoot, but it has so many features and little buttons that they should NOT call it a point and shoot. Once you inadvertently press the wrong button, it is near impossible to find your way back to the screen to just take a friggin' pic. AND with the sunlight being so bright, I can't see the dammed screen. I am surprised I was able to get this photo to tell you the truth. I had to stop the snogo, get my truck (I live only 100 yards from the photo), bring it over to cut the wood to put into the truck. The roads here are free of ice and I'd be stuck blocking a road if I tried to pull it to my house.

All-in-all a fun trip.