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Thread: Map/Directions to Finger Lake

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    Hello, well, as the title says, I don't know, in fact, never been to Finger Lake. I'm planning on testing my boat out and thought that would work well since it's quite popular and more importantly, Ice Free. I'm coming from Anchorage, can anyone provide me with detailed (somewhat) directions and or a map? Thanks,

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    There are a couple ways to get there but I would exit at the new hospital, take a right and follow Trunk Rd. to the stop light @ the Palmer/Wasilla Highway (3 Bears is on the corner). Proceed throught the light to the next stop sign. Turn left and it is about a mile or so on the left side. There is a state parks sign and the headquarters are there as well.

    Or you could just go to Palmer. Turn left on the Palmer/Wasilla Highway (at Carrs) and go to the second light (Trunk Rd) take a right, next stop sign take a right and bingo. Have fun.


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