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Thread: Trolling motor battery

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    Default Trolling motor battery

    I am looking to get a good 12volt deep cycle battery for my 40 pound thrust motor. Any suggestions?

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    I recently bought the wife and I NuCanoe Frontier kayaks which have a square stern. We got Minn Kota Endura Max 40 lb trolling motors. Got the wife a group 24 and myself a group 29. Both are Walmart Everstart Marine Maxx batteries and cost $85-95 each. Made by Johnson, same company that makes higher end (brand) batteries, these Walmart batteries seem very high quality. Identical to the Interstate I saw sans the $140 price tag. I ran the group 24 for 4-5 hours last week on a 250 acre lake, crossing the lake a few time wide open, trolling much of it's shoreline, got home and put the battery on the charger and it was still at 76%. Some of this could have to do with the 'max' part of the Endura Max. This is the digital maximizer feature that supposedly extends battery life. In either case, the battery impressed me with this 40 lb/thrust motor. I used it three times last week and there seems to be plenty of juice in it. If it disappoints, I will look at the more expensive AGM, Deko, or Optima batteries. But from what I read online, and what I have seen, the Walmart Marine Maxx is a very solid battery that won't break the bank. It also has a 24 month replacement warranty.


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    Call batteries plus in Wasilla, they have good batteries, but if you are looking to get a deal look at napa, walmart, it might help if you get an actual marine battery though.


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