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    Question Shrimp

    Well, my buddy got a new boat and we have been trying out the shrimping thing. So far we have only had minimal luck. Can someone give me some idea if there is an ideal depth to be dropping the pots? We'd like to pull some with more than 15-20 shrimp. EricL

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    Try doing a search, I've seen a LOT of threads about shrimp. I seem to remember someone saying 600-700ft is a good depth to catch those critters.

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    we have been setting our pots at 400-450 and doing pretty good for beginners, find a shelf in about 400 feet, works for us, we are useing cat food,tuna (in oil) and the prawn pellets all blended together, we are doing alright

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    trail be error. Drop a couple of test pots is what I do. Once I find an area that is good I will foucus on that area. I usally leave them for an hour or two. This will tell me if the spot is any good.

    Do like what allot of people do. Find bouys and place them in that area.
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