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Thread: Goin bear hunting in whitter..this time i got more info on the trip...any tips?

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    Smile Goin bear hunting in whitter..this time i got more info on the trip...any tips?

    OKAY so here's the dad is takin me bear hunting in Whitter. This will be my first bear. We're takin our 1985 24' bayliner and we're think bout going and buzzing around Beetle and Pigot bay... My dad's always gone out of Seward not whitter, so We were wondering if anybodys got any words of wisdom to offer us any would b greatly appreciated

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    There is a lot of information in the archives. There really are no "hot spots" for Whittier bear, just get ther before it greens up and watch the tidal flats and slopes. The more glassing you do versus motoring around, the more successful you'll be. Take lots of pictures and good luck

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    Default go a little further

    If I was you I'd go a little further. There are more bears to the south, generally south of Culross Island, and further to the north up College Fjord. I haven't been out there in ages, but 12 or so years ago Eaglek Bay was LOADED with bears. The eastern part of the Sound is good as well. Ever since the road has been in the Sound hasn't been the same, and the bear hunting isn't what it used to be.
    I was at the taxidermist picking up my goat today. He has a number of fresh bears in the shop. They are some stinky buggers.

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    Todd nice looking pup.

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    Default Just seeing how you did

    Bears are starting to move but not much. Didn't see any fresh scat. Snow is going fast but was starting rain yesterday and might have turned to snow possibly.


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