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    Newbie question here. I bought the Glacier socks from Barney's. I have the Lowa Extreme Plastic boots. My size 13 bootie will not fit into the glacier sock. I take it I can just remove the bootie, place the sock over my foot and put my plastic boot on to cross the stream.

    I have read posts were guys have worn the glacier socks all day......

    Fill me in please.

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    I have an older pair of Koflachs and would wear the bootie inside the glacier socks. They fit snug, but I could get my size 13/14 inside without too much trouble. I wonder if there are different sizes?
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    hard to say why they dont fit...could be a size issue.. I would give barney bob a call.. There was a similar issue I recall many years ago and socks werent going on good and what a lot of the guides did was to put the bootie in the sock first then roll it down and stick your foot in and lace the boot. I would never just put my bare foot in and then in my will lose all the benefits os traction in swift water.. I wear mine all day if its wet or I amgoing to be crossing a lot of streams and just keep them rolled down and tucked under my gaitor when not using..


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