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Thread: Hows everyones fishing

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    Default Hows everyones fishing

    How everybodies fishing been going, where and how are you doing? I went out to Campbell point today after work and threw a spinner for a while I caught to Char which were about 10-12 inches, and had a thousand fish following my spinner. I think if I had some bait to tip the spoons I would have had a lot of fish. Also I had one lunker follow my lure all the way to the bank must have been about 24-26 inches long or so.

    Good Luck to everyone

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    Between Bronchitis and the honey do list haven't got out yet will post report when I do.

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    Default Sand Lake Fishing

    I caught one pike on sand lake sunday evening. About three pounds. Had a few more bites but no take-downs on my herring. I will probably switch over to salmon fishing this weekend.


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