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Thread: Loading for 325WSM w/220 AB's -- What have folks learned

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    Default Loading for 325WSM w/220 AB's -- What have folks learned

    I have read a few of the older posts from Snyd and a couple others from a couple years back on the 325 WSM, just wanting an update. Just got a HS Precision 325WSM and want to hear what folks experience have rendered down, pet loads, maybe what to stay away from. With powders and such getting harder to find and more expensive, would rather not re-invent the wheel.

    Wanted nosler brass, which for some crazy reason is hard to find and like $56 for 25 pieces when loaded nosler custom ammo was only $54 for box of 20 at boondocks. I picked up four boxes to break in and play with the gun initially. Hope to pick a powder or two and do a ladder test within next few weeks.

    Any info appreciated.

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    Here is some of my 220 grain loads for 325WSM.

    A Frame Bullets

    Game Kings

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