28th Annual Alaskan Aviation Safety Foundation Seaplane Seminar

OAS Tom Wardleigh Hangar
Lake Hood
April 20, 2013

0800 Doors Open-sign in*

0830 OAS- Harry Kieling
********* ***** Opening Remarks-Harry Kieling – Alaskan Aviation Safety Foundation
*********************** Seaplane Pilots Association- John Pratt
*********************** FAASTeam Introduction*of Seaplane Wings
*********************** Alaska 99s on Flying Companion Seminar
************************Region Regional Administrator, Alaskan Region – Robert Lewis
0900************** Improper Preflight which Will result in your demise
Maintenance Panel - John Pratt and Cliff Beleau
1000************ * Seaplane Techniques and Safety – Lessons learned
Speaker/Dean Eichholz
1100************ **Lake Hood Operations on the water and in the air
*Speaker/Chuck Jameson & ATC from Lake Hood
1200************** Lunch –Provided by UAA Aviation Fraternity
1300*********** ***Accident Recovery of your Seaplane, What do you need to know?
Speaker/Kevin Wycoff, Alaska Claims
1415********** ***Before and after the mishap - Survivability
Speaker/ Rob Carte Rescue Coordination Center
1600************ **End of Seminar
*Sponsors: Alaskan Aviation Safety Foundation, Seaplane Pilots Association, FAA, Falcon Insurance Agency of Alaska, Alaska 99s, The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, Office of Aviation Services, Alaska Airmen’s Association, UAA Aviation Fraternity.