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    Default For Rabbit Slough Users

    For Rabbit Slough Users:

    ADF&G Palmer Hay Flats State Game Refuge
    Proposed Rabbit Slough Parking Enhancements - 2013

    Background and Need: Currently, there is a small (79 feet by 60 feet) parking area near the slough and boat launch at the end of the access road off the Glenn Highway frontage road. At peak use times, additional parking is needed to accommodate trucks with boat trailers (approximately 40 feet long). ADF&G has obtained state and federal funding, and the Matanuska-Susitna Borough has additional funds to provide access and parking enhancements.

    Project Purpose: ADF&G proposes to enlarge designated parking to accommodate a total of at least 15 trucks with trailers, plus smaller vehicles, in a way that will minimize impacts to the protected wetlands.

    Proposal Options (1 or more could be implemented):
    Option A: Widen approximately 100 feet of the access road adjacent to an open field to accommodate two lanes of traffic plus perpendicular parking for at least 9 trucks and trailers and/or smaller vehicles (within Map Area A).
    Option B: Widen portions of the west side of the access road within 500 feet of boat launch to accommodate perpendicular parking for at least 3 trucks with trailers as well as parallel parking for smaller vehicles (Map Area B).
    Option C: Expand the existing parking lot with 40 feet by 80 feet addition to accommodate 6 or 7 more trucks with trailers (Map Area C). The existing parking area (79 feet by 60 feet) would remain available for truck with trailer parking, as well as turnaround space.
    Option D: Add boulders to approximately 100 feet of the east perimeter of the access road from the boat launch to protect the slough bank from parking impacts.

    Schedule: To be completed by June 30, 2013.

    Comments: Please provide any comments by April 21, 2013 to:
    Nancy Tankersley, Special Projects Coordinator
    Lands and Refuges
    Alaska Department of Fish and Game
    333 Raspberry Road
    Anchorage, AK 99518

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    awesome the parking lot has been in rough shape as long as I can remember!


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