The Alaska Rifle Club will hold an NRA High Power 50 round match on Saturday,April 13 at the Birchwood Recreation and Shooting Park "B" range.Sign up time is 10:00 - 10:45 AM. The match fee will be $25.00 for annual ARCmembers or $30.00 for one day members. Open chamber indicators will be requiredand will be available for $1 each. Remember, 50 rounds for record, two sightersat each position and the possibility of having to shoot an extra string. Bringenough ammo. All targets will be set at 200 yards. I have attachedthe Match Program.

After the match we are going to have a work party to repair targets and restockthe trailer. Please bring tools and snow shovels so the we can dig outthe trailer.

The club has loaner M1 Garands and AR15s that you can use for the match. We have ammo (for sale) or you can bring FACTORY ammo (NOhandloads). If you want to use a rifle contact me.

Birchwood does not open the front gate until 9:30 - 9:45 so be patient if it isstill down. We will not start the match until 10:45.

Hope to see you there!

Mark Friest
Alaska Rifle Club