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Thread: Received wrong duck call...

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    Default Received wrong duck call...

    I am taking the plunge this spring to duck hunt. Because I am starting out I didn't want to drop a bunch of money just yet. After visiting a number of forums specific to waterfowl I opted to purchase a Haydel DC-85. I ordered this call from Amazon. The package arrived today and the company the call came from instead sent a Haydel BC-10... not what I ordered. This appears to be a new model- I'm not finding much on-line for reviews. I'm thinking I will send it back for the other but thought I'd ask on here first if anyone has any experience with this call or a similar one. (this is supposed to be a combo of two others- the Cutdown and the Big Barreled models) Thanks to anyone responding!

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    Anything from Haydels is good to go.. Just learn how to take advantage of this call and the options it offers...You will killing ducks soon enough and be glad you learned how to use it. Or just order the orginal one and have two...

    Another option would be to join the group of callers that gets together every other week or so...(another thread) and join them. They will be able to show you how to operate that new call....(might not work with you in Dillingham if this is true)
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