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    Anyone have experience with the rei cirque asl3 looking for a tent needs to be packable prefer four season because I like to stay warm and beable to use it late season. Another I'm looking at is the marmot lime light but its a three season. Also need two doors and vestibules and a price range under 400 closet to 300 if possible need somthing roomy like a 3 person but light under 7 pounds would be ideal What's your thoughts. Also how warm are the three season tents how cold have used them comfortably not educated on the differences

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    For the criteria that you have given the Marmot Lime light is a good choice. I have one and I really like it, but like you said, it is only 3 season and is not very warm when the mercury drops. The Limelight is well built and will shed rain very well. I take mine on summer fishing trips but I do not hunt with it.

    For hunts I have a Hillberg Nallo (for sheep hunts) and a Hillberg Keron GT for moose/caribou trips. Both of these tents are very expensive but, in my opinion, they are THE best tents available when looking at strength to weight. Both are 4 season tents and are virtually tear proof. Even if the fabric is punctured, it will not rip like other nylon tents will. I sleep better at night in the field knowing that my shelter will endure the Alaskan elements without compromise. The GT versions offer vestibules almost as big as the tents, which are invaluable...and the best part is that the tents are still super packable. I fully understand budgetary constraints, but the old adage is true: buy it nice or buy it twice. If you have to settle, go for the Marmot. Otherwise I would save up and get a Hillberg. Good luck.

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    I have never used the rei cirque, but I do have an REI Basecamp which has been fantastic for camping when packing in on horses. It has held up good and kept us dry, very breathable. Sorry I do have info on your model, but I have been impressed with my rei tent.

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    I have a Sierra Designs Convert 3 I like a lot. Not sure how it will do in the extreme wet (single layer with venting no rain will get it, but condensation could be an issue in Alaska in September/October), but it will stay up in a hurricane and is very warm.

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    I love my Mountain Hardware Trango II. I've spent many nights in it on the Peninsula and on Adak. 70 mile an hour winds and you hardly know it's blowing, and the rain-fly goes almost to the ground, bomb proof. It goes everywhere with me for a backup, even when I take my Alaska Tent and Tarp Arktika. I think they make a three man model too.

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    Hilleberg Nallo or Nallo GT is the only way to go if you plan on packing in to difficult terrain or long distance.

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    Hillenberg looks awesome but outside my range settled on the memo alti storm for $350 on sale couldn't turn it down.

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    As mentioned several times above it's tough to been Hillebergs. If you can find one on Craigslist, Ebay, or a demo you may be able to get a better deal. If you can't afford Hilleberg you may want to take a look at the Exped Aries Mesh. It is VERY similar to the Nallo but a fraction of the cost. I've used mine on dall, mtn goat, elk, and other hunts and it has held up very well. I really like the design....loads of room inside with fairly steep walls and nice vestibule. It is also reasonably light weight. I would make sure to get a footprint for super wet conditions. I've never been wet inside mine but I'm super careful how and where I set it up. Another nice thing is...I've used the fly by itself for a super light weight tent.....and used a bivy inside for wet conditions.


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