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Thread: Ammunition- Quality Control slipping as demand is at all time high?

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    Default Ammunition- Quality Control slipping as demand is at all time high?

    If you are currently buying factory ammo be sure to look it over real well. I bought some ammo yesterday from sportsmans it was a 50 round box of .40S&W. out of the 50-3 rounds has primers not seated correctly in the primer pocket. 1 wasnt seated at all and the primer sealer took up the entire hole. I then checked out OAL since some were noticably seated deeper than others and there were some that were a few 10s of an inch off which could be huge. Any who I contacted winchester with the lot # and they said it was made in Feb which was when they really started ramping up production. They wanted me to send the ammo in so they could verify and offered a refund. But with manufactures trippling if not more of their normal production there are bound to be Quality Control issues however if I were shooting a big pistol or something some of these errors could cause serious injury or more.

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    If they are ramping up like I think they are, it wouldn't surprise me at all that QC will suffer somewhat. I haven't bought or shot any factory ammo (except 22lr) in a lot of years so I really don't know. The amount of problems you found in one box doesn't speak well for QC which is one of the reasons I roll my own.


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