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    Anyone have experience with the Weathershield coating on their TC?

    They make some very glowing claims on their website, but I've been reading some less than favorable reports of corrosion taking place. Particularly in barrel bores as it seems to be a spray on process rather than an immersion process.

    If it's not happening in Alaska, it's not much of a problem I would think. Is it only barrel bores or is there also a problem with the wear points in the frames?

    Let me know what you've found.

    Thanks much.


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    I have used and abused my TC Icon 300win mag for several years only corrosion I have noticed is on the release for the bolt and the safety both of which are not weather shield treated. Not bad considering the life this rifle has had.
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    Thanks for the input. I'm 99% sure that the stainless is going to be a better choice for me.


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