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Thread: Fly out info?

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    Default Fly out info?

    Hey Guys,

    My Buddies dad just retired and has offered to fly us out to western alaska this summer for the cost of fuel and beer. Ive done quite a bit of fishing on the road system and in PWS but never flown out anywhere.

    His plane can land anywhere with an airstrip. Our intent is to chase some rainbows.

    Any info on places one could land a plane and hike to some decent fishing?

    Tight Lines,


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    The Kvichak would definitely be a winner. Sometimes better fishing than the Naknek, and less people. Very nice place.

    George would set you up very easily with boats and accommodations. There are other options such as the Kanektok, Goodnews but there would be extra logistics with the locals to get set up with boats etc. and it's a drive to get to the best fishing grounds. I'm not sure if there is anyone in Quinahagak or Goodnews that is renting boats anymore, the Sheltons in Goodnews used to. You could even do the Newhalen River by Iliamna, I've heard several good reports this past year of the bow fishing, but, it's a fly and walk kind of thing from town.

    If I was in your shoes though, I'd give George a call, it would easily be the most convenient scenario for your pilot and general logistics and a great introduction to fishing a river with some of the biggest bows in the state. I was in DLG for years and I'm in Juneau now but Blueberry is on the top of my list when I return to do some fishing in the next couple years.


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