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Thread: How much are skis worth?

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    Default How much are skis worth?

    A couple weeks ago I damaged one of the skis on my plane. Began a search for a new (to me) set. Was surprised how much folks were asking for them. Is there an assault ski ban coming in the future.............haha!
    Today I payed for and received a used set of Federal 2000s with data tags. Payed 450 bucks for them. They had been on craigslist for around a month, starting at 900 I believe.
    So............I'm wondering...........what have others actually payed, or received, for a set of skis.............with or without data tags?
    Prefer the thread focus on straight skis. The various wheel skis are generally more spendy.
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    When I buy or sell anything used I generally place a value of fifty cents on a dollar as a starting point. If condition is excellent to new I will buy or sell up to 75 cents on a dollar. I recently sold a set of serviceable Federal 1500's for $450 and purchased a like new set of Landes 2000's for $1500. I did not try to negotiate with the seller as I would have paid up to $2000 for a set anywhere in as good condition. After I gave the seller the money he asked if I wanted a tail ski to go with the deal. I asked how much and he said take it. I sold it for $425. That was icing on the cake.

    Did you consider purchasing new and if so did you check prices? In my opinion if the skis you purchased are in at least good condition you did well.


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