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Thread: Basic radar; bang for the buck?

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    Default Basic radar; bang for the buck?

    Picking up a used 24' Hewes and need a radar for it. Want to keep the price economical as this might be a short term boat and would use the unit maybe 5 times during the summer. Ay ideas/recommendations?
    Dont need it to interface with other electronics (gonna hold out for a all-in-one unit with radar, GPS, and chirp: down the road
    Also, I know the higher the unit is mounted, the more effective it is. The roof on the Hewes is not very high for mounting, do you guys think it would be adequately functional mounted directly on the roof?

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    just remember if you don't have kw's you don't have a good picture/range & radar doesn't show those small boats well till they are right on top of you. If it was me i forget it for 5 looks a year !!

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    Furuno's 1623 goes for about $1700. That may be about as inexpensive as your going to get into it. I wouldn't worry about getting it any higher then the top of the just need to make sure it as close to level when you're running as you can get it...for better performance. I think the best bang for your buck would be a garmin 740 with the garmin 18 radar. which would cost you about $2000.00 but would give you charts and radar overlay.

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    I don't think level is going to work. If you put a couple of washers under the rear so it is slightly down hill towards the front it will work better. Level in the water is not level underway. Underway it will be tilted back a little and you loose forward scanning dostance. hencefort the washers.

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    Another vote for the 740S with the radar package. Pretty much all ya need for a decent deal. But if you don't need the GPS/sounder, I wouldn't worry about getting just a radar.
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    Can get the 1623 for about 1300. Thanks for the tips guys! 5x /yr usage is a wag really, using the boat for a water taxi so it's kinda important to collect or deliver your people regardless of fog conditions. Also may upgrade boats next winter so want to keep the costs down.
    macncoke do you have experience with the furuno?

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    Hey Jim,

    I can't give you much advice on a stand alone system. I have the Garmin 18HD unit, and I really like it. At first I was going to say you don't need it for 5x per year, but when you say you have to taxi in any conditions, radar is the one thing that you really don't need most of the time, but when you need it, you really need it. The one feature I really like about mine is the integration with the GPS. Having it overlay on the map makes the information it provides much more useable. Maybe it would be worth considering a 4000 series Garmin and an integrated radar. When you sell the boat you could pull them and move them to your new boat if you upgrade.
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    All good tips for sure. I have owned boats for many years and ocean and no radar... not a good mix. Personally, it's a must. I go out of Seward all summer long and I need it several Times a season. Since my boat is older, it came with a furuno stand alone but it works well. If your in no real hurry, you'll see several for sale soon, or should. I will be adding a Garmin 740 in short order and will swap between my river and ocean boats.

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    Yeah I thought about moving the unit to another boat; the boat I'll be getting this week or so has a decent Simrad GPS/plotter, and separate finder.
    plan is to upgrade to larger boat that's used and it already has a pretty decent electronics package, radar included.
    The Garmin units seem to be pretty popular.


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