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Thread: Nice change for south central archers

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    Default Nice change for south central archers

    So I've finally decided to come out of retirement and start shooting again.. I have shot a little here and there to prep for hunting but not really for much else. Went down to Full Curl archery and my my how far they have come.. I have know Dave and Joni since they started the shop and its been fun watching their transformation into the business they have today.. I have shot all over the country and the Full Curl will stack up against any of em.. I know I know shameless plug but for anyone in archery here in Alaska that has been doing it for a while knows the hardships of getting in stock quality equipment.. I took time to walk through and prices there are competitive to even the net and you can't get good local service from the Internet.. And before any nonsense posts or pm's... I get nothing for this and have nothing to do with the shop I just like to call it how I see it.. Nice to see a small business do such a good job in a world of Internet and box stores.. So I hope all you archers out there stop there to see what's going on and show them some support...
    Oh and the techno thing is bad arse... Will have to shoot it one of these days...

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    They treated me well. I wanted a Hoyt Spyder for Etolin Elk. I couldn't get one mailed to Sitka. I just happened to have a friend in Anchorage at a conference. I called Full Curl and gave em my specs, talked accessories, and boom! I had an archery kit boxed up and ready for pick up and transport the next day. It was no BS service. The bow is great and I'm getting ready for another crack at a SE Alaska Roosevelt.

    +1 for Full Curl Archery.


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