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Thread: 22' Seasport Trailer question

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    Default 22' Seasport Trailer question

    I am sure this has been asked, but I wasn't able to turn anything up using the search.

    I bought a 22's Seasport last summer and love it. It was in a slip last summer but I'm going to opt for a trailer from here on out due to a launch being only 2 miles to head north or 10 miles if I head south from my place in Juneau (well N Douglas). THe slip was ~20 miles away and only made sense to stay on the north side of Juneau from the slip.

    Anyway, I'm searching for a decent deal on a trailer and as usual, nothing perfect is easy to find. I think I should be looking for ~5700# trailer. Does that sound about right?

    I did find a 4100# tandem bunked King Trailer today with C load tires in great condition, good price and the right length. Would I be stupid to use a trailer rated at that weight?

    I'm pretty sure the trailer I borrowed to put my boat on blocks in the fall was rated for less as it had B lead tires and rollers. Glad I only had to trailer it 2 miles that time.

    Thanks for any help.

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    That trailer seems a little small for that boat. My 22' hewescraft is on a 5400lb trailer which is on the low end of being the proper trailer for it
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    I have the 24' Explore and I purchased a new 8000 #King trailer for it last year. While the 22' is a bit lighter-the dry weight is still 4,500# (about 1,000 less than the dry weight of the Explorer) you have to add in the weight of the engine, fuel, water, gear etc etc. You'd be surprise when you start adding all that into the equation how much weight you are actually towing. You would likely be over the rating with a 5700 trailer. For my money and considering the road conditions in Alaska I would error on the side of going a little over than pushing the limits. I would also recommend going with disc brakes and LED lights. Much less hassle on both counts.
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