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Thread: Ivishak and Sag Char

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    Default Ivishak and Sag Char

    Hello, I'm headed to the haul road for the third time this fall and the ivishak specifically for the second. I run my G3 Jet up the Ivishak and can make it past the cabin once you hit the range. Ive caught plenty of gryailing but will be searching a lot harder this time specifically for char and hopefully that bright 30" fish.

    Last year i was there the first week of Sep and this year i am headed up the last week of Aug. Im under the impression that the fish should be in the Ivishak at that time and the question is where exactly are the char spread throughout the river.

    As far as fishing them big streamers and anything shiny they will hit, epecially when they are spawning. Ive heard to focus on the tail ends of the deeper pools throughout the river but have also seen the pictures of hundreds of fish stacked up in shallower sections of the river. Ive also read that you can spot some of these fish throughout the river when they are there but have not been able to do so.

    I am looking to learn more about the fish themselves and have a fair amount of research (googling for now) and will continue throughout the season. If anyone anything their willing to share i would appreciate it.
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    August seems to be the month those dollys start migrating from what I have read. The Sag and Ivishak have the largest populations of overwintering dolly varden on the North Slope. The later you wait the farther the fish have moved in the river. Not sure if you have seen these report, but it has some good info:

    Overwintering Patterns of Dolly Varden, Salvelinus malma, in the Sagavanirktok River in the Alaskan North Slope Inferred Using Mixed-Stock Analysis
    Alaska Fisheries Technical Report Number 84
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    We ran up into the brooks last year, well past the sheep camp one day.
    At any given location, we were able to land char on almost every cast.
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    Hope to see you out there as we are going about the same time. This will be my first time fishing up there.


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