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    Looking for some advice. If i loaded up my wife and kids, and took the ferry over to Cordova in late may, would there be oppertunity for my wife and oldest son (13) to get a crack at a black bear? We love road trips, and it would be as much about seeing a new place as anything. We love adventure. But, I would love so see him kill his 1st big game, and my wife get a 1st bear. Are there ample bears running around over there? we would be coming from A-town. Any Thoughts?

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    Default C Bears

    I understand taking a road trip..but why go way over there for black bears..lots locally.

    Sorry.. I am all about road trips..and sure this is mostly about being with the fam and taking an opportunity on black bears then anything else.
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    no. to answer your question.
    there are a few locals that run bait stations but most the bears your gonna find that time of year are gonna be high on the slides eating fresh shoots. its tough down there, lots of alders/brush/and altitude. the flat ground you can't hunt. if you went and sat on the edge of the copper river for a week one might walk by though.
    i agree with others...theres better places in that time frame around here than there. Better off taking a ferry ride to SE for bears if your gonna ride a boat...
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    Thanks. We can put Cordova on the list for some other trip.

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    If you want to bear hunt cordova, I would suggest the fall when the salmon are spawning. You have a good chance at a brown too. And the silver fishing in the cordova is spectacular that time of the year.


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