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Thread: Personal property tax for boats berthed in Whittier

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    Default Personal property tax for boats berthed in Whittier

    Just a heads-up for members with boats stored at either of the two marinas in Whittier. What follows is an email I received today, with an un-BCC'd recipient list that reads like a who's-who of PWS boating. The underlining is from the original. Not sure where they got the email list. My post is FYI and FWIW only; I don't know if this represents a change in policy, or just stepped-up enforcement of rules that have been in place all along:

    DUE APRIL 15TH, 2013

    Dear Taxpayer,

    According to Whittier Municipal Code 3.12.060, 3.12.070, 3.12.080, and 3.12.090 every person shall submit to the Assessor a personal property return of any property owned.(Refer to enclosed pamphlet) This includes boats and all Business Equipment such as cash registers, kitchen equipment, display cases, vending machines, etc. Please complete this form and return to the City of Whittier. If you have no Personal Property to claim Please note so on your return form and return to me. If you have sold your property or removed your property from Whittier, please note the date it was removed or sold. If it was sold please submit the name and address of the current owner to get it removed from your account. This form must be returned to me before APRIL 15th, 2013 to avoid penalties and interest. You may mail it or fax it to 907-472-2404. You may also email it to
    Failure to return this form will result in a forced filing and will be assessed by the City Assessors and penalties and interest will be added.

    You may view the City of Whittier Municipal Code in its entirety at

    Dyanna Pratt
    Executive Assistant
    City of Whittier
    907-472-2327 ext. 2
    907-575-7414 - cell
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    Only in Whittier do they try to piss off boaters so they will not come back. Need a new mayor and city council.....

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