I am going to be loading for a 460 S&W, but can't find good data for the 250gr Hornady HP/XTP. I am using H110 and planning on using WLRM primers. I have checked out Hodgon's website and the only 250gr bullet they list is the Barnes. But the H110 charge for the 250gr Barnes is much lower than for either the 240 or 260 gr jacketed bullets. They list 45.0 gr as a starting charge for 240gr HDY XTP MAG, 39.0 gr for the Barnes, and 41.0 gr for a 260gr Partition. They also don't show which primer to use.

I am thinking of ignoring the data for the 250gr Barnes, and splitting the difference on the starting charge for the 240gr and 260gr, which puts me at 43.0gr of H110 with a 250gr Hornady HP/XTP bullet.

Does that sound reasonable? Do you think it is OK to use the WLRM primers with that? Anyone have the Hornady manual to check that out for me?

Thanks! -JR