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Thread: first to 30 bet

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    Default first to 30 bet

    Well, with fishing coming up quick and pictures of last year being thrown around. Me and a few so called buddies have started what they like to think of as a friendly wager.

    Last year was the first year i started trout fishing hard and finally began picking up a few bigger fish. Our biggest fish were 27 and 28" but that 30 incher eluded us. So the bet is first rainbow over 30" gets the pot. That pot is for a mount. Everyone throws in 50 bucks and if no one hits it we drink the pot at the end of the season.

    Cheers to the new season and spring trout not too far away.
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    Good luck to ya!!! I was re-reading a thread about some nut that tried to row a raft out of anchor point. Lol. I heard he caught fish!

    I'd take you up on that wager but just don't fish the Kenai for trout that much But it's a blast. A great goal too!!!

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    This is a great idea. I think Im gonna suggest it to my fishin buddies.
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