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    Wanting to hunt Kodiak Island for deer and goat, mainly goat in 2014. Was looking at hunting Karluk Lake and then floating the river and fishing for silvers around mid September. Another option would be the high lakes around Three Saints Bay. Would be a party of three maybe four guys. Anybody been stomping around these areas that would be wiling to share some info? Pm would be fine also. Gonna fly in, don't know which air service yet.
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    hunted goats in RG480 last year with my buddy, combo's with deer as well. we hunted the zachar bay area...saw a lot of goats, but unfortunetly had some guys run them off the mountain right in front of us. we counted about 70 animals in the herd, with a couple nice billies in there. we stayed at zachar bay lodge, and just walked up the mountain behind the lodge and spiked out in a big saddle within range of the goats. fun hunt, very steep, and we just happened to be there at the same time as some other folks. if they werent there, the stalk we put on would have got us both goats. good deer hunting too, we limited in the week we were there. its not the Karluk area, but just some added info to aid in your search, hope it helps.


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