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Thread: Free Fly-fishing Kindle Book

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    Default Free Fly-fishing Kindle Book

    This was on another forum that I frequent. I downloaded it and am enjoying as we speak! I don't know how long it will stay free, but snatch it up while you can.

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    I have it in hard copy, and it's a great book. At the link I don't see anything about "free" though, so maybe the deal has already passed.

    Speaking of the book, pay pretty close attention to the casting in there- especially the "tuck" cast. They may be talking about nymphs for trout, but on smaller rivers you can wade that cast and Alaska salmon flies tied heavy and "Czech" style have put more fish on my line than any roe fisherman around me. Wow, does it ever work.

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    Deal must be over. Not free any more. Moderators please feel free to delete this thread.

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    I think it's worth pointing that from time to time they have free fly fishing books. A couple of weeks ago they had Ed Engle's "Tying Small Flies" book. You *don't* need to own a Kindle device - you can get free reader software for most computers, and they've got what they call a cloud reader, which allows you to read your books in a web browser from anywhere.

    I've also got "Dynamic Nymphing" in hard copy and think it's a terrific book.
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