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Thread: Wolverine Defenders speak out

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    Default Wolverine Defenders speak out

    Just wondering what you guys think of the ADN arcticle this that came out this morning.

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    I suspect this will get moved to the trapping forum.
    The article itself isn't too bad, it's F&G employee Sinnot that is the problem. He is 100% anti trapping. He keeps touting how few wolverine are in 14c. Yet his only info is a 12 year old track survey. How accurate of a population indicator is a track survey flown in an area the is mostly either forested, or steeply mountainous?
    The new areas opened to wolverine trapping have already been open for years to lynx, fox, and coyote trapping. None of the recent stories in ADN have reported an existing problem with trappers catching dogs, yet all of a sudden, with the opening of the wolverine areas, dogs are going to die left and right. That's BS.
    If chugach park administrators overrule the BoG, it sets a danerous precedent allowing one state agency to also manage wildlife in it's area.
    F&G needs to reign in Sinnot and keep his mouth shut.
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    Amazing how people don't show up during the public comment periods on BOG proposals
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    If you want to discuss this, I really recommend jumping on the adn blog. Alot of people read these, and I have seen members of the legislature and our civil servants post on there, so if you have an opinion and want to be heard, this is a highly visible place to post.

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    Default Wolverine sightings 2 weekends in a row

    Well, at least 1 wolverine knows where it is buddies and I saw a wolverine, or I guess it could be multiple wolverines 2 of the last 3 weekends up powerline pass near the "wedge", and also fresh tracks last weekend lower down near Ptarmigan Peak. Gotta love spring crust skiing!!

    Whatever they decide...this guy is in the "closed" area for now.




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