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Thread: Floating the gerstel?

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    Default Floating the gerstel?

    so i drew ds203 and was wondering if anyone has floated the gerstel out from the mountians in that area? is it possible? how rough is it? any info would be much appricitated

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    Many people have done it. Conditions depend on water levels. Can't really see it being too difficult, you have to float through a sort of canyon, but I can't imagine it being too difficult. I know others on here have done this.

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    Watch out for crossing bison.
    Even a jackass won't stumble on the same stone twice.

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    I floated it after a sheep hunt w/my BIL. There are actually 2 canyons. One near the top...that we just about lost everything twice due to a 5' drop with several class 4 rapids and the 2nd time getting lodged up against a super large boulder with water going over the top of our raft. There is another lengthy set of fairly large class 4 type rapids in the lower canyon. You better have some major rafting skills if you plan on doing this....and surviving to tell about it! I literally thought we were going to die before we made it out of there alive! Water depth can change on a moments notice depending upon rain, snow, and temperatures. If the glacier is melting much there can be a lot of water raging through the super narrow upper canyon gorge. If river is high it flows super fast and is nasty in the narrows with at least 1 x 4 to 6' drop. In low water there are some super large nasty rocks that are exposed that you better know what the heck you are doing!

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    As others have said water level is the major concern.

    As a person that has traveled the Tanana and seen both the Grestle, and the Johnson that feed into it, I've seen some pretty wild stuff. I've seen whiripools that you can't see the bottom and you need some power to get out of that senerio. One day they might be fine/ the next, not so good.

    I would have to say the Johnson is the worst because it drains right into a cliff on the other side, however the Grestle sometimes has its own issues when the water is high.


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