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Thread: Replacing surge brakes

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    Default Replacing surge brakes

    I need to replace the brakes on my trailer. Calipers seized, rotors ok, lines good, actuator needs replacing. Was quoted $250 each for the calipers (!), $250 for the actuator, and 5.5 hrs labor. Seems way high to me. Etrailers has the calipers for $90 each, actuator for $125. 5.5 hrs labor seems a lot. I'd love opinions of those who've replaced brakes, and advice about whether its something that someone reasonably handy can do themselves. Working in the cold, aside.

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    I did it in a few hours myself on a king trailer double axle..was not that difficult.

    Biggest thing dor me was removing older ones was not easy..after that, piece of cake. Was over 5 years ago so not to keen on details. Only experience was personnel brake jobs in my own truck.
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    Those prices seem a bit high and as far as doing it yourself like Duckhunter01 said its like doing a brake job on your truck or car. I suggest doing one side then doing the other so you know how it all goes back together. Bleeding them can be a bit challenging some days though but a good assistant can make that go a lot easier.

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    I ordered and received a kit from an online supplier for $450.00 -$500.00, calipers both sides, coupler/actuator, reverse solenoid, hoses, pads, rotors, seals and bearings, a complete setup. If you have any aptitude you can do it easily. I did it in about 3 hours with 1 hand...literally.


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