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Thread: Road fishing on Richardson

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    Default Road fishing on Richardson

    We're planning a road trip from Fairbanks to Valdez this weekend. We hope to see the airshow, weather permitting, but were going to try some fishing along the way, since my sons (5 and 6) have not caught a fish yet. Any suggestions of accessible spots where there is a chance of success?

    What are the favorite campgrounds in the Valdez area? My wife didn't like the warnings in the Milepost in red some of them had about bears, but I imagine they could be anywhere! Thanks.....Louis

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    Default Valdez

    The Eagles Rest is about the only place in semi operation right now. There is still a lot of snow north of the pass. You might find some streams flowing but it is still winter above the pass to 70 mile or so.

    Bears are just starting to come down. Saw one behind the high school last Sunday. You will be safe, it is early for the bears.

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    Default try

    Quartz lake from shore just before you get to delta, the pullouts along the tanana have burbot if you use bait soaking in the eddies, upper gulkana has good grayling, all of the roadside ponds after summit lake have good trout fishing, and the klutina has dolies, rainbows, and some grayling. Hope that helps


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